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  • XP Repair Pro 2007 Review

    XP Repair Pro 2007 Review

    XP Repair Pro is a Windows registry scanner, cleaner, repair, editor and optimizer tool that I've been using for about a year and a half. I've written about it a few times and have a review of XP Repair Pro 2006 elsewhere on my Terry's Computer Tips site.

    Product: XP Repair Pro 2007
    Class: Utility — Windows Registry — Scan for & Repair Errors
    License: Commercial product.
    Version Reviewed: XP Repair Pro 2007, v3.5.5

    There are a lot of things that I like about XP Repair Pro. It's home-user-friendly license is definitely one of them. One license covers your home PC's that are not used for commercial purposes (I have a license for my business notebook and another license for the non-commercial computers at home.)

    I realized that I hadn't updated to the XP Repair Pro 2007 version yet, despite having bought the Lifetime XP Repair Pro Upgrades option, so I did that recently. I also hadn't run XP Repair Pro for a couple months, so that gave me an opportunity to see what the new version could find...
    XP Repair Pro 2007 - The Main Screens

    First, let's take a look at the simplified interface and the things that XP Repair Pro can do...

    The main screen, the default screen, is the Registry Repair screen in XP Repair Pro 2007. Here, we select the types of errors that we wish XP Repair Pro to find. It's also where we find he small, tabbed report interface where we'll learn aout the errors that XP Repair Pro has found.

    The next screen is the System Optimizer display. In this part of the tool, XP Repair Pro sofrts and defragments the Windows Registry. Normal defragmentation tools like the Windows XP Disk Defragmnenter leave the Registry alone.

    (click on the image for a larger version)

    (click on the image for a larger version)

    The next screen is the Registry Editor. This looks very similar to the standard Windows Registry Editor "regedit", and may actually use Microsoft's entrypoints in .Net Framework 2.0 to provide much of this function. Anyway, the features are here and much easier to access than via regedit.

    Tech Tip
    XP Repair Pro requires Microsoft's .Net Framework 2.0, which is downloadable for free via the Software link in Windows Updates and Microsoft Updates. The .Net Framework is a set of pre-written, pre-compiled program functions that Microsoft makes available to developers for use in Windows.

    The System Backup screen is a little of a misnomer. It won't let you back up your files or do an image backup of your computer. It's designed as a backup and restore tool to back up the settings that XP Repair Pro might change — and to restore from that backup. It also gives you an easy access to the System Restore function and Restore Points in Windows.

    (click on the image for a larger version)

    (click on the image for a larger version)

    The Preferences screen lets you select, or unselect, XP Repair Pro features such as automatic scanning and running in background. You can also have the program automatically create Backup Points and System Restore Points (XP and Above). By the way, since Backup Points are relatively small, I'm having it make both.

    (click on the image for a larger version)

    Let's see what XP Repair Pro 2007 was able to find on my notebook...
    XP Repair Pro 2007 - Results

    The Registry Repair results screen in XP Repair Pro is the same screen as the pre-scan version, but it now shows the number of errors found, the number ignored (we can choose to ignore specific errors if we don't want XP Repair Pro to fix them) and the number of Windows Registry nodes (data points) that it scanned. In the screen below, we can see that XP Repair Pro found 916 errors in total when I scanned this computer.

    (click on the image for a larger version)

    For the details, I'm showing on only the results part of the same image (for each category), since the rest of the windows doesn't change. The most common type of error in the Registry is that a Registry entry links to a file that no longer exists.

    XP Repair Pro found 77 errors among he ActiveX, DLL (dynamic link library) and COM (common object model) entries in the registry.

    It found 4 errors in the Add/Remove Program Entries list.

    Recently Used Shortcuts had 134 errors. Windows XP eventually fixes these routinely (we hope) but this gets rid of them now.

    There were 37 errors among the File Types and Extensions that Windows was supposed to recognize.

    XP Repair Pro found 83 errors among the Registry entries for Shared Files.

    Application Paths, referenced in the Registry, only had one error.

    There were 54 errors in the Registry entries for font files and another 34 errors for Help files listed in the Registry.

    It looks like I missed getting the screenprint of the "Registry Deep Scan" errors.

    All the categories add up to the 916 errors (shown in the first image shown in the results), so XP Repair Pro found 492 errors in its deep scan of the Registry.
    XP Repair Pro 2007 - My Conclusion

    After upgrading to XP Repair Pro 2007 (for free, since I bought the Lifetime Upgrade Option for my business computer), I was very pleased with the new cleaner, less-confusing interface. The new backup option is an added benefit for XP and Vista users, as well as providing critical backup and restore features for the Registry for earlier versions of Windows. You can have XP Repair Pro 2007 "ignore" any of the individual errors that you choose not to be fixed. If you find you have a problem (you "fixed" something that was not broken, and broke it!), you can restore from the backup or the system restore point (XP & Vista).

    You can download and scan your own computer for free to see what XP Repair Pro will find. XP Repair Pro will tell you what it found, if you want to make the fixes manually. If you want XP Repair Pro to make the repairs for you, you will have to purchase a license.

    As I write this, you can purchase XP Repair Pro 2007 for $36.95. The web site notes that this is a sale price and that they've been extending the sale for a while — you can roll the dice and hope that the sale continues to get extended, or buy it now at the sale price. I just bought my home license and chose to add the Lifetime XP Repair Pro Upgrades for $12.95, as I had done for my business computer. If you don't buy the Lifetime Upgrades option, you get free updates for six months. XP Repair Pro 2007 has a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

    By the way, you can get a great deal on their Windows and web browser privacy program XP Privacy Pro, if you buy it at the same time... I was so intent on getting the license for XP Repair Pro for my home machines that I forgot this deal. I wish it had been checked by default so that I would have paid more attention...

    Buy XP Repair Pro 2007 here

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