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  • Miracle of Quran in Microsoft Excel

    Miracle of Quran in Microsoft Excel, Curious ?

    Did we all here know? that the combined amount of existing verse and Sura in the Qur'an, when inserted into the computer program Microsoft Excel can form two sentences are: [Allah - Muhammad]? Ever thought that with today's modern technology we can prove the miracle of the quran? a holy book of Islam was revealed more than 1400 years ago? here I tried a little to invite you to try to prove its truth.

    Using well-known artificial microsoft software, namely Microsoft Excel 2007 , we can see the sentence Calligraphy Allāh (Arabic: الله, Allaah) is an Arabic word that refers to the name of God, and the word محمد, Muhammad in the Arabic word. Curious ? You can try it for yourself and prove the truth with ease using your own computer with "Microsoft Office applications" are made in the late 20th century. prove the contents of the miracle of Al-quran.

    Consider the following:
    The order of Sura-sura in the Quran is the X axis (1,2,3, ... 114)
    Paragraph Number of each sura is the Y axis (7,286,200,176,120, ..., ..., ..., 6)
    The first axis XY = 1:7 (for al-Fatihah)
    The second axis XY = 2:286 (for Al-Baqarah)
    The third axis XY = 3:200 (for Ali 'Imran) and so on.

    - On the Y axis in the figure, is the number of verses of the sura which is in al-quran. Surah Al-Fatihah for example, the first (1) has a 7 point then it can be made notation XY 1:7, ie up to 114 sura An-nas which has 6 verses. so that if made ​​into XY graph notation 114:6

    - On the X axis in the figure, is the number of suras in the Quran has 114 suras.

    If we arbitrarily change the order of every sura in the Koran or the number of verses in it then it will not be formed around the image.

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8 komentar:

  1. Fatima says:

    Great post. Subhanallah... It's miracle...

  1. Kelly says:

    I was surprised. I want to try it for yourself on the computer. thank you

  1. neur says:

    Keren gan..... mantap...

  1. Organic says:

    wah kerennnnn banged nih .... tak mengira :D

  1. Winda says:

    wah keren banged... thanks infonya

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