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  • Best Webhosting criteria you need to know

    Best Webhosting criteria you need to know

    Finding the best hosting needs to consider many things. One of the requirements that need to be made is in terms of system availability 24 hours a day, Highly Reputed Host, Personalized Server Options, Value Added Services, Technical Support and so on. Many more things to consider in choosing web hosting.

    What is webhosting?
    Web Hosting Projects Are a form of rental accommodation services on the Internet that allows individuals and organizations displaying their products or services on the web / Internet sites. The place can also be interpreted as data storage in the form of megabytes (mb) to terabytes (tb), which has a connection to the Internet so that data can be requested or accessed by a user of all places simultaneously. This can lead to a website can be accessed simultaneously in a single time by a multi-user.

    Web Hosting in addition we can also call the space or room that is located on the Internet server of the hard drive controller is equipped with the facilities of the Control Panel (Cpanel) so that you can put your web documents (html, database, audio, video, etc.) into a Web sites can be visited from all over the world.

    Caption: Webhosting Servers

    Basically a web hosting server can be either a regular computer or a dedicated server that runs the basic program components and a server. A webhosting server must be able to go online 24 hours a day and without having to shut down within a period of longer than a regular computer.

    When you need a Webhosting?
    a. when you want to market products or services through the border counties, provinces, countries, oceans and continents,
    b. when you want others to get correct information on matters of humanity,
    c. when you want to disseminate knowledge for the welfare of fellow human beings,
    d. when you want to do business that allows you to reach it from a customer is a resort with high privacy, that's when you need a web hosting service.

    What's the best Webhosting criteria?
    A. Ability to broadcast or online 24/7 for a year,
    2. Not limited to the aspects of the demographic, geographic
    3. Price is cheap with good services
    4. Have a good rating and is recommended by many people

    What best technology is used?
    One technology that is used is fail over hosting, this technology allows you to stay online service 24 hours because it is supported by several server computers that automatically replaces the task of server computers that were damaged.

    Furthermore, if you want to look for webhosting accordance with the criteria you want for example by type;
    + Best ASP Web Hosting
    + Best Blog Web Hosting
    + Best Cheap Web Hosting
    + Best Domain Web Hosting
    + Best Drupal Hosting
    + Best Ecommerce Web Hosting
    + Best Email Domain Hosting
    + Best Web Hosting Forum
    + Best Green Hosting
    + Best Joomla Hosting
    + Best Linux Web Hosting
    + Best Small Business Hosting
    + Best VPS Hosting
    + Best Windows Web Hosting
    You can find it in the guide best hosting

    I'd love to hear your opinion about webhosting, please comment.

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