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  • MyPCBackup way to Online Backup my PC Easily

    MyPCBackup the way to Online Backup my PC, from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
    The need to share the document data, files, photos with easy, efficient and fast with friends and family is the reason we are looking for online services that provide facilities Hardisk Online Backup like a hard disk in your computer is offline. Where we can give permission to others to be able to access or not access to view our files. With MyPCBackup we can do it all!.

    Maybe now it's time that we can pass these days without having to be bothered if the deal when it will share many documents and photos to another computer without having to go through email attachments (read: attachment). Because currently available online as storage MyPCBackup one that allows you to store all your digital online content Cloud (in clouds).

    Conventionally you can send files directly to Facebook or Twitter account, or invite the recipient to view the file via email. However, this may be less effective, if the documents are confidential and important!

    This service is a unique combination of traditional and online backup storage models Cloud (cloud), where you can easily create a backup using Desktop Client Application of MyPCBackup and then browse through your web account of the devices connected to the internet, make things easy.

    Backup MyPC allows you to store almost any type of digital file. This includes photos, music, documents, video, email and more. You can also access from multiple computers to your account and make backups of all your folders or by selecting specific files and then store them online. One of the best things about online storage service is a choice of backup schedules, allowing you to perform scheduling backup entire folders of documents or specific file based on an hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Easy is not it!?!

    Advantages of MyPCBackup:
    1. Very Low Price, Just only $4.95 for 2 years upfront Premium Plan! With 30 Day Money Back Warranty.
    2. Encrypted and Safe. 256bit encryption. Safety is paramount! With 256bit encryption, your files will be safe with MyPCbackup!
    3. Unlimited Storage
    4. Synchronize Multiple Computers (Multiple Devices Sync Sync your files across all your computers and devices).
    5. 100% automatic
    6. File Access Anywhere
    7. File & Folder Sharing
    8. Mobile Access
    9. Can be accessed from Windows XP, Vista, 7
    10. Online backup is available upto 5GB

    1. There is still no version of the Application Client for Linux
    2. 14 Day FREE Trial only

    What do you think, please comment

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  1. Anonymous says:

    bahasa inggris kurang paham aku :D

  1. Unknown says:

    thanks ea.. kunjungan perdana

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