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  • Knowing About Divorce Lawyer

    Knowing About Divorce Lawyer

    Divorce occurs between spouses as a result of their failure to carry out the role of each bond. In this case, divorce is seen as the end of a marriage instability which spouses live apart and then officially recognized by the law.

    Currently divorce in America can not be counted again. Schedule a full divorce court. Divorce illustrates one of the major problems encountered in family life today.

    Most of the divorce could have been prevented if they had been looking for a counselor who is right and good. Now granted this divorce for many reasons, including infidelity (adultery), cruelty, desertion (abandoned husband / wife), husband / wife who get drunk, are not sufficient for family, poverty, punishment for crimes, separation because of incompatibility (incompability ), and others.

    Understanding about Divorce
    Divorce is the breaking of the family because one or both partners decide to leave each other so that they stopped doing his duty as a husband and wife.

    Divorce for children is the "mark of death" his family together, it's half the "self" children have been lost, life will never be the same again after their parents divorced and they have to accept sadness and a deep sense of loss. For example, children have harbored a deep sense of longing for a father / mother who suddenly did not live with him anymore.

    In sociology, there is the theory of exchange that saw marriage as a process of exchange between the rights and obligations as well as reward and loss that occurs between a husband and wife. Because marriage is a process of integration of the two individuals who live and work together, while the socio-cultural background, desires and needs are different, the exchange process in this marriage should always be negotiated and agreed.

    Conditions Toward Divorce
    Circumstances before the divorce that begins with the process of negotiations between spouses resulting in the couple was no longer able to produce an agreement that will satisfy both parties. As though they can no longer find a good solution for both of them. These feelings then cause enmity and hatred between the two sides that make the relationship between husband and wife become increasingly distant.

    How does divorce law works
    TV and magazines often misrepresent of the way that the law feels when you get involved with it. Many people think that the law will do some things that can not or do not. Here are some things to remember: -
    You are not likely to go to court

    Very few cases end with the trial court. So if, when you start thinking about divorce, you see yourself in the witness box, dare to deal with questions of the lawyers, forget it. It will not be like that.

    Almost every case of divorce maintained. There are often arguments before the start of who will start and why, but after the papers filed most cases can not be sustained. This is for the very good reason that the cost of expensive and not worth it.

    It is 'The Paper'
    Almost every stage of the divorce happened on paper. This means that the document ended up being very formal, written in legal language. But it's still your divorce. If you do not like what your lawyer has written, say so. If you do not understand it, do not be afraid to ask.
    It's expensive

    One thing that the media does not get any of the cost of a lawyer. Assuming you have a lawyer, it would be expensive. Even if you get legal aid (see 'Fees and Legal Aid in Getting help') you will have to pay back if you get the money at the end of your divorce. You need to budget for this. Some attorneys take credit card payments, others will let you pay by cash or credit system. You always have to be given regular bills and kept informed about the level of charges.

    If you are using a mediator (see Getting help) can help you keep costs down. Most mediators will charge you a session by session, making it easier to keep track of where you can get financially. legal aid for mediation as well, and for free: there is no need to pay it back at the end of the case.

    The law is neutral
    Family law gives men and women equal rights. If you believe some of the things you read, you might think that family law favored women over men, or vice versa. But the law as written is not biased. For example, one member of the pair can be ordered to pay maintenance for their spouse if their spouse has been dependent on them for money. In practice, men are more likely to pay for care than women, but this is because men generally earn more than women. In cases where a father had to stay home to care for children and the wife is the breadwinner, he may also be ordered to pay maintenance.

    The same goes for the neutrality laws on children. The laws about what happens to the children after a divorce is not biased to one parent or the other. The court must treat the welfare of every child as the most important factor. In practice, many more children tend to live with their mothers after divorce than their father, because in many families the father was the main breadwinner, and the mother had spent more time with the kids. But this is not something that is set out in the legislation.

    Divorce Lawyer
    Lawyers as legal aid and legal services to the public or clients who face the problem of the existence of law is needed when inisemakin important along with the increasing awareness of the law society and the complexity of the problem hukum.pengacara is a profession that provides legal services and legal aid, while performing their duties and functions may act as a companion, giving legal advices or womanly attorney for and on behalf of his client. Based on this law firm Scottsdale divorce lawyers dedicates itself to provide / perform aid / legal services to one area of ​​a divorce case to the people who need the services of this law.

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