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  • Tips - choosing the type of sexy jeans

    Tips on choosing the type of sexy jeans

    Jeans is the dress that almost was said to have become a part of our body everyday. Simple, sleek and durable are some reasons to wear the product. Denim jeans are also popular with women, especially those who like the look casual, dynamic, young and sexy style. Even some companies also allow employees to use work as a fashion jeans on certain days. Unfortunately, many women are still having trouble finding a comfortable pair of jeans, but also accentuate the feminine side, too sexy.

    The main problem is women wearing oversized jeans in the buttocks area, and too tight in the thigh area. Women who want them while wearing jeans still look sexy but elegant, do not want to look boyish, and still look feminine with jeans.

    No matter whether you are a tall girl or you fall into the category of petite women, jeans remain a trend. Buying jeans for short women has always been difficult, because it is very difficult to find a suitable, because you have to adjust to your body shape.

    If you are a woman who was tall and slim with a proportional body shape, of course choose what kind of clothes would you wear is not a big problem. Perfect body shape that has never brought any issues that women like to wear clothes with any model. That's why models always have to be disciplined in maintaining a diet and lifestyle that they can continue to have the ideal body with perfect curves. Most of the celebrities also have a special ritual to keep their bodies slim. Quite often excruciating ritual for them and very hard to follow.

    Therefore, you need another way could be easier to do so that you can always look attractive as any body shape you have. The trick is to select the type and model of the right jeans. Since most women have a lack of body shape and lower the center of them, such as big belly, flat ass, big thighs, back fat, and so on. But, of course, the problem can be addressed and covered a bit by selecting the type and model of pants right away so that you can appear more attractive.

    Well so many models and types of materials jeans, we are sometimes confused to choose a suitable for your body shape.
    Here, a guide:
    1. Body small (petite)
    If the tiny body. Choose a model jeans will make you look taller. Look for jeans that fits in the body. Avoid choosing a model of hip-hop or are tipped wide. You may choose a cut jeans low waist (low waist) or hipster for not making your legs look shorter. Also avoid high waisted pants (high hipped) because it will make the section look torsomu short. Better to choose the type of medium waist with a dark color. Types of stretch jeans fit you well.

    2. Big hips
    Type of large-hipped women like Beyonce and JLO. So you can imitate models of jeans they wear the jeans cut low hip (low-waist). It may also choose boot-cut or wide leg newfangled. If you want to buy hipster try first by sitting and stretch legs so do not buy pants that are too low in the pelvis. See wholesale jeans and pants wholesale.

    3. Feet tall and thin
    Women with a foot tall and skinny as Olive Oyl (Popeye's girlfriend) or Calista Flockhart also can look lovely wrapped jeans. The secret is to avoid too-tight jeans that make your feet look like a pair of chopsticks. Also avoid baggy pants look baggy so not impressed. It may also wore pieces of bootlegs.

    Type and Model Jeans
    Here are the types of jeans you should know:
    1. Straight Cut
    Type straight cut jeans are jeans where the size of the circumference of the pants from waist to bottom shape perpendicular to foot. Type of jeans is usually worn by women / men slim. Type of jeans is a classic, but there are still many who love these types of jeans.

    2. Flare Cut
    Jeans model is mostly used by men as a form pieces are narrow at the hips and groin, but a little wide at the bottom impression sexy jeans for men who wear them. For women also widely used and look sexy and elegant while using sexy jeans model.

    3. Boot Cut
    Types of jeans that are similar to the model flare cut but slightly smaller knees, so the foot is rather wide and narrows toward the knee and thigh circumference in the direction towards your hips tend to be flat. suitable for women who love to use high heels for jeans model tends comfortable to wear and wrinkle effect on the jeans when walking is not too visible.

    Model Boot-cut jeans are grouped into classical jeans model who used to use anytime. Jeans model shape is widening from the calf down, so suitable for who hipped because balance wide hips with wide leg trousers.

    4. Bell Bottom
    Bell Bottom pants this kind was booming in Indonesia in the 1970s. In Indonesia alone, better known as cutbray pants. During the late Benjamin Sueb fame often appeared in various films that starred uses Bell Bottom pants are a trend at the time. It is suitable for those of you who have a body posture rather fat and belly fat because the effect of a wide piece at the bottom of this jeans. Not recommended for those who lean posture to use
    jeans model because it will just make you look weird appearance.

    5. Skinny Jeans
    Type of jeans this one in Indonesia is often referred to as a model for its pencil pants tend to shrink smaller than the knee to bottom. Suitable for use by men and women who have the size of a skinny or slim leg. Skinny jeans are still a trend of dress especially adolescent women.

    The first time the model was popularized jeans Nicole Richie a few years ago, skinny jeans are still commonly found in clothing stores. But the weakness of the model's jeans skinny jeans that can be worn by slim-hipped, and less can be worn at formal events. Wear with high boots or flat shoes during the day, or platform shoes at night.

    6.Model jeans High-Waist
    While you wear these jeans models, you can show in jeans belt, as long tops are usually only up to the waist, or put in pants. Flat shoes or high heels (tuk suggest higher) can be used.

    7. Trouser jeans Model
    Jeans pants model is also fairly classic, with details of the front of that flat. Because the model is pretty neat and simple, you can wear it to the office tuk.

    8. Stretch jeans
    This type of pants one favored by artists and young men and young women. Jeans model is varied and can be identified with some parts that stretched so that it becomes a bit faded from the color of the other parts.

    What do you think, Any comment ?
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  1. Cazter says:

    waduh mantap sekali tipsnya. jika mempunyai tubuh yang sexy pas nih artikel. tetapi tubuh yang kurang sexy akan lebih bagus bila menggunakan cara ini juga. jadi bisa menutupinya. master tambelan memang pintar kalau memberikan informasi

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