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  • 8 Tips and Tricks for a Suitable Wigs Salon

    Tips and Tricks Choosing a Suitable Wig

    Wigs can change your appearance in seconds! But if you wear a wig because you are experiencing hair loss or because you just want to change the appearance of an instant? Same thing as when you choose her hairstyle then in use you also need to choose a wig that fits for you.

    Indeed, many people uses wig. If one day our hair look problematic and it can interfere with the day we live, real hair wig covering could be a way out. Wigs are also a practical way for us who want to perform with different hair styles, especially those of us who do not dare to "sacrifice" in order to follow the trend of real hair cuts and hair color.

    Wigs can be grouped by function divided into two (2):
    1. First for Style: the style that we wear wigs just for fun and did not need to wear a wig actually.
    2. Second is to Medic! for the sake of it such as Medical to cover unhealthy scalp (bald, many visible scar, etc.) usually with chronic leukemia unhealthy scalp and should be covered wigs, or hair on bald women to improve the structure of hair growing (eg the excessive loss, fleas, etc.) and it must use a special wig made of Lace (Revlon) so that the scalp can Breathe.

    Here are an image close ups and more information on the exclusive new Lace-Front wigs by Revlon.

    As reference material Wigs hairstyle fashion in 2013 features a variety of styles of wigs from Raquel Welch, Revlon, Noriko, Jon Renau and more, you can find the best style for you!

    For a natural look you can choose a popular wig with long, sexy fashion. The new long look with a simulated side part. Long layers around the face starting at the cheek line and continue all the way down to the ends. A high quality Noriko masterpiece. Low WigSalon price. Always on most popular list. The ultimate long sexy wig.

    ANGELICA by Noriko Feature style wigs sample.

    Length: 15-27 in.
    Weight: 6.5 oz.
    Head Size: Average
    Colors: Expresso, Cappucino, Dark Chocolate, Ginger Brown, MAPLE SUGAR R, NUTMEG, MOCHACINO "H", Golden Brown, Ginger Brown, Medium Brown, Chocolate swirl, Toasted Brown, Marble Brown, Golden Brown, Honey Whear R, Chesnut Auburn , Burgundy Rosa, Auburn Sugar R, Almond Rocka, Copper Glaze R, Razberry ice R, Spring Honey, Vanilla Lush, Iced Mocha R, Creamy Tofee R, Sandal Wood H, Almond Spice, Creamy Blond, H Raisin Glaze, Champagne, Butter Pecan R, Sugar Cane R, etc.

    Adjust with your favorite colors.

    8 Tips :
    Then how to get a wig that fit? You should consider the following points:
    1. When you want to buy a wig, do not be hasty, to allow sufficient time to choose. Try an assortment of wigs, with long-and short styles. Match the shape of your face. For example, if we face a long, choose a short hair style wig.

    2. Choose fabric wig is best for us, out of real hair or synthetic hair, associated with the impression that we want to present to the wig. For being "wild" and "crazy", more fitting wig of synthetic hair. Meanwhile, for a natural impression, more suitable wig of real hair.

    3. Choose wig wig fit for purpose use, eg for Cosplay, style or for health and shape desired mode.

    4. Choose a color wig with younger around the face, and it was getting dark when away from the face. Colors are younger it will soften your face tone.

    5. Choose a wig with a natural leather. Leather is made from fiber embedded in a material similar to the scalp. Wig with flaky skin's natural hair, either in the middle or on either side.

    6. For a natural impression, choose a wig with color that is close to our original hair color. Color as it will also match the color of the skin and eyebrows. In addition, when wearing a wig, we can pull out a few strands of real hair we make our hair look more natural.

    7. When buying a wig, try first if the bad use. That is, not until the wig is too tight or too loose. If the slide when in use, meaning that wig too loose. If it slowly crept up, meaning wig too small.

    8. Look closely wig you want to buy. See if her hair color matches the color and shape of your face. Note from every angle, from the side, front. There must be no hair clustered.

    Wig needs to be treated, so durable. To keep it, there are some tips:
    1. Wigs were still only be softened by washing with a gentle shampoo. It could also soak them for about 30 minutes in water mixed with a little fabric softener. After that, dry the wig with in the winds.

    2. For maintaining its form, attach a special wig on a mannequin head and neck. If you have to bring the wig on the way, back and flip the inside and the outside of the wig. Include wig in a plastic bag or net bag specifically for wigs. Curl wig will not damage the design and plastic bags to help protect it from dust.

    4. When giving shampoo, wigs wipe from top to bottom.

    5. To restore curls on a synthetic wig, do not brush it while wet. Drain first with diangin-wind, new styled again.

    6. Plastic comb or brush is important to make the wig is not wrinkled. Comb the wig with direction from top to bottom. Do not use a regular nylon brush. Hair wigs can be deprived of it.

    for more information you can visit : Wigs Salon.

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